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Israel: the eCommerce gateway to a skyrocketing market

Israel’s e-commerce market is rapidly expanding thanks to rising consumer incomes and a vibrant digital landscape, with Israel serving as a strategic destination for IT and logistics services. This unique pairing makes Israel the gateway to e-commerce in a skyrocketing market . Local consumers are increasingly eager to buy online, which creates perfect conditions for…

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Economic trade on the rise between turkey and israel

As a result of its geographical proximity to the country and its low production costs relative to high-quality products, Turkey has become a favorite destination for Israeli importers in recent years, especially since the outbreak of Covid 19. It also offers a broad industry with a wide range of products, as well as a free…

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Growth of eCommerce in Europe

In recent years, Europe’s eCommerce industry has rapidly expanded! Today the eCommerce market in Europe is valued at approximately 363 billion dollars, with an expected annual growth rate of 7.3%. The scope of the European market will be estimated at 481 billion dollars by 2023; Although Europe consists of 50 countries, the bulk of eCommerce…

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Game changer – Gaash Worldwide’s new sorting machine

As well as in other countries around the world, 2021 was a record year for online sales. PayPal and SBA estimate that online sales of e-tailers in Israel have increased tens of percent, while sales in malls and shopping centers have decreased equally dramatically. In eCommerce stores, marketing managers soon realized that handling time on…

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Exports: how do you get started and what are the steps?

How does export work? An export is a good or service manufactured in one country that is sold to another country’s buyer. International trade is created by exports and imports. In the modern economy, exports are important since they offer people and companies more sales channels for their products. Foreign policy and diplomacy have a…

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Does the return policy work against you rather than for you?

It has taken a lot of effort and dedication for you to differentiate yourself from your competition: you offer high quality products, excellent customer service, and you fulfill outstanding first orders. This gives you an unmatched competitive edge. But does the return policy work against you, and not for you? Researchers have found that return…

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GAASH  WORLDWIDE Creating Centre of Excellence in eCommerce Service Deliverability

With more than two decades of experience in eCommerce logistics, import/export services, international shipping, and cargo insurance, Gaash Worldwide seeks to lead the supply chain industry in the field of eCommerce logistics in Israel GAASH  WORLDWIDE  Creating Centre of Excellence in eCommerce Service Deliverability – With more than two decades of experience in  eCommerce logistics, import/export…

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Israel – Silicon Valley for online trade in the Middle East

Is Israel your target market? Retailers around the world have great opportunities to sell online in Israel. There is a growing interest among leading online retailers in the Israeli market; Despite its small size, the country has a high rate of technology adoption, which has led to it being called a “tiny technological titan.”. In…

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Green energy logistics

In today’s consumer environment where the world’s population is increasingly relying on changing technology, Gaash Worldwide has recognized the need to provide the technological solutions for green logistics. For this reason, Gaash relies on the most advanced software and technology systems available and invests considerable resources in green innovation, such as avoiding the use of…

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