Free return service

The Benefits of Offering Free Return service in e-Commerce logistics

In today’s world, e-commerce has become a vital aspect of retail, and customers have come to expect certain standards and services when making purchases online. One such service is free returns after shipping. Although it may seem like a costly and unnecessary expense, offering free returns can actually bring a range of benefits to your…

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International womans day

Woman’s Empowerment project at Gaash Worldwide

Gaash Worldwide is a leader in the logistics and supply chain industry in Israel, and it is committed to empowering women through its Woman Empowerment Project. This project was founded by the CEO of Gaash, Yael Sigman, who believes that female leadership in the logistics industry has been traditionally underrepresented. This Woman Empowerment Project focuses…

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Gaash Worldwide warehouse in Israel logistics

Last mile delivery in Israel

In recent years, the last mile delivery market and customs clearance services in Israel have become increasingly challenging. This is due to the fact that the State of Israel has strict regulations and policies designed to protect its citizens from illegal import activities. Therefore, brands operating in Israel must ensure that they comply with these…

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red head female have online chat in the office using her laptop

Challenges and opportunities in online communication

Communication through text has become an integral part of our lives. It is a convenient way to keep in touch with our friends and family, as well as to conduct business. However, when we communicate through text online, we lack most of the social signals that help us navigate in-person communication. This can present both…

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Logistical warehouse facilities supplychain

How businesses can identify and select the best logistic provider in Israel

In recent years, the competition for eCommerce companies that do business to consumer (B2C) in Israel has increased significantly. This is due to the entry of more and more logistics players into the market, making it difficult for businesses to choose the right logistics provider. With so many options available, it can be difficult for…

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nutritional supplement

The Israeli nutritional supplements market: everything you need to know

ֿ Throughout the world and in Israel in particular, the nutritional supplement market is constantly growing. Approximately a third of the Israeli population consumes nutritional supplements.About 20%-40% of Israelis purchase supplements online, based on estimates from the industry. Globally, research and rating companies estimate that retail sales of nutritional supplements will reach 280 billion dollars…

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Inflation and its impact on logistics

There was a lot of talk about inflation in the last six months – and for good reason. Inflation has a major impact on rising food prices and energy costs. Although the overall situation is complex, fuel pricing is one of the many factors contributing to the increase in sea freight rates, inland and around…

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Mount Fuji Japan

Israel – Japan Economic trade relations

Israel is a small country in the Middle East, and Japan is a huge country in East Asia. These two countries have completely different histories, cultures, religions and economies. But for some reason the two countries have always had a close relationship with each other. As Japan was still under Allied occupation in 1952, Israel…

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apple watch paying

Israel: the eCommerce gateway to a skyrocketing market

Israel’s e-commerce market is rapidly expanding thanks to rising consumer incomes and a vibrant digital landscape, with Israel serving as a strategic destination for IT and logistics services. This unique pairing makes Israel the gateway to e-commerce in a skyrocketing market . Local consumers are increasingly eager to buy online, which creates perfect conditions for…

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Turkey flag

Economic trade on the rise between turkey and israel

As a result of its geographical proximity to the country and its low production costs relative to high-quality products, Turkey has become a favorite destination for Israeli importers in recent years, especially since the outbreak of Covid 19. It also offers a broad industry with a wide range of products, as well as a free…

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