Gaash was founded in 2002 by Dalia & Ronen Simgi, owner and C.E.O of the company, who is also the Chairman of the I.C.C.F (Israeli chamber for members of the customs) among others, he has an extended resume on customs processes and courier (e-commerce) handling, since 1986 Gaash is the first logistics company in Israel that handled E-commerce shipments into Israel.
We customize the service for each and any client and to follow this goal we invest in technology and in human resource.
Gaash is handling above 400,000 parcels per month and serve retailers all around the globe.
Gaash warehouse is located on the heart of the E-commerce center in the courier section at Ben Gurion airport.
This warehouse is handling the increasing demands of the E-commerce market Gaash offer e-commerce customers all delivery method as Home delivery, pickup points, lockers and "Next door delivery".


To be the leading E-commerce service provider company in Israel by serving the logistics needs of our customers and offer excellence and value.

Gaash was establish on 2002 as the first e-commerce service provider in Israel.
Since that day, Gaash cleared and delivered millions of parcel all around Israel.
Our staff are well trained and with many years of experience in this industry so we serve various customers with various commodities.
We can offer our customers extra service by handling all kinds of certificates needed for releasing the parcels from customs.
To follow this goal Gaash invest in technology and in human resource.
Our warehouse is at Ben-Gurion international airport in the courier section, were we handle e-commerce parcels with speed ,service & special license and technology.
The warehouse location is important in order to handle the increasing demand of our services Nowadays Gaash is handling shipments from the US, Europe, Asia and Oceania keeping in mind the particular processes of each country given our clients the certainty of the same outstanding services here and elsewhere Gaash offer e-commerce customers all delivery method :Home delivery, pickup points, lockers and "next to door" Each of the delivery method has a different logistics chain ,SLA and fits to different client and different Commodity.
We believe the customer requirements are our mission so we customize our service for each and any client.


Each business aspires to reach the next level. Having a unique expertise in the E-commerce business, we can help you reach your goals in this competitive arena.

We offer B2C and B2B services, serving both retailers and consumers.
We offer end-to-end customized solutions that cover all logistic aspects, to deliver the parcel from e-shops to end consumers.

Our service begins when the customer is notified that their order has been confirmed.

Following this confirmation, we manage the "parcel way", from the retailer to the end consumer by focusing on the customer experience.
We plan, execute and track the parcel via one designed system, integrated with all our global partners and domestic suppliers to achieve the best SLA, significant cost reduction and high-quality service.

Your parcel is safe with us.


GAASH Worldwide Ltd.