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Who we are

In 2002, Dalia and Ronen Simgi founded Gaash Worldwide.
It is Gaash Worldwide's mission to lead the supply chain industry in the field of online trade in Israel as the foremost logistics and eCommerce company.
Accuracy and responsibility are values that lead the company towards meeting the highest standards to provide the finest service to its colleagues.
Based at Ben Gurion Airport's Beldar complex, from the moment a shipment lands at David Ben-Gurion Airport until it reaches its end customer, Gaash Worldwide handles eCommerce shipments to and from Israel. Today, the company handles more than 500,000 packages each month, serving brands around the world.


You are in good hands

Gaash Group celebrates 20 years in which it leads the supply chain industry in the field of electronic logistics to and from Israel.

Why work with us

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Customer Service

Providing efficient and fast package handling using IT solutions customized to the customers needs, along with a human response that is available worldwide.

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A convenient and efficient returns service designed to facilitate both the seller and the customer in the return process.

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Automatic tax collection system

Innovative solution designed to automate the collection of taxes and billing in accordance with State of Israel regulations, Identifies the identity of a customer and the activities they engage in according to KYC.

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Digital Tracking Status

Through advanced technological developments, the construction of monitoring and control systems as well as a quality human capital resource, the status of the package can be tracked anywhere in the world at any given time. The status is accessible to every customer.

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Logistics opportunities around the globe

Gaash Worldwide maintains business relationships with local agents in ports throughout the world in order to provide solutions within the supply chain of online trade shipments.
As a provider of air transportation to and from Israel, Gaash Worldwide handles all aspects of customs clearance, distribution of shipments and returns of shipments.

Meeting targets even during peak periods

A sorter with a special mechanism was purchased by Gaash Worldwide in order to optimize the supply chain process by enabling sorting a large amount of parcels in a shorter period of time, dividing the package quantities in a way that does not create a load, and enabling the meeting of targets even during peak periods.


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Fast shipping

We believe in a short and efficient delivery time, the delivery time ranges from 1-3 days from the moment the package lands in the destination country until it reaches the customer. Gaash Worldwide makes sure to meet a fixed and stable SLA and offers distribution services that include - express distribution, lockers, distribution points and distribution by couriers.


Returns service

Our online sales returns service is designed to make the return process simpler and more efficient for both the customer and the seller. We are aware of the increase in returns among online shoppers, so we have designed and implemented an efficient, convenient and accessible returns service.


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Exporting with us is convenient and efficient. It doesn't matter where you are.
Moreover, we assist with the filling out of various forms that accompany the shipment for the appropriate authorities.
To make it easier to fill out these forms, we provide advice and support on the details to include in the supplier's invoice form depending on the country of destination.

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frequently asked questions

You can find information on the requirements for importing products to Israel here:


According to the accepted procedure of the customs in Israel, a shipment that arrives in Israel after 48 hours and is not released must be stored under customs supervision.

The customs warehouse is under the supervision of the customs and guarantees the possession of the package and compliance with the conditions until the release.

As a cash-based company, Gaash Worldwide stores the shipments and charges the same fee as customs warehouses.

Lack of ID or data, delay in customs, payment of taxes or waiting for a certain approval are only some of the possible reasons for the delay of your package in customs.

Every purchase on the Internet is called "personal import" - a purchase from websites such as Amazon, Ebay etc is called personal import.

Personal import is a private purchase for personal use, not for resale and in a reasonable amount.

Personal import according to the personal import order:

Section 3 (a) Personal importation is the importation of goods for which all of the following apply:

  1. Imported not through a dealer;
  2. Not intended for the purposes of supply, production or provision of services;
  3. Imported in reasonable quantity;
  4. Imported for the personal or family use of that importing individual.

Shipments valued up to $1000 may contain up to 30 units of the same type, or shipments valued over $1000 may contain up to 5 units of the same type.

As a general rule, except for items such as food, nutritional supplements, automobiles, items requiring approval from the Ministry of Communications that are wireless devices or that include wireless components, items requiring approval from the Ministry of Transportation, and items requiring approval from a certified automotive laboratory.

Whenever a shipment is sent from the same supplier to the same importer with a 72-hour gap between them, it will be treated as one shipment.

According to law, shipments over $150 cannot be released without the customer's ID number (most sites use the ID entered on the site). From 2022 onwards, a package imported by personal import under $75 will not be taxed - over $75 you will only have to pay VAT, while over $100 you will also have to pay import declaration fees.

In other words, if your order was less than $75, you won't be asked for anything.

Usually, when the purchase is over $75, one of the companies handling the delivery will contact you and ask for the payment of the VAT on the package. The releasing company will usually pay the taxes on your behalf. You may also be charged an additional fee for the service if you refuse to pay or delay the payment. It is therefore advisable to pay taxes at the earliest opportunity.

Purchase amount


Less than $75


More than $75


Certain products cannot be imported due to safety, health, security, or economic issues, so the government issues directives to customs to enforce the importation of specific products.

Products such as car parts, communication devices, and agricultural equipment are usually included in this category.

In terms of car parts, the following items need personal import permits: brakes, mirrors, lighting, safety belts, suspension systems, shock absorbers, helmets, and child safety seats. - There are, of course, other car products that can be imported without permits, such as car covers, interior lighting, plastics, shades, etc.

In order to obtain an import permit, you need to contact the relevant authority and the relevant government office.

Products like rolling papers, filters, tobacco products, contraceptives, and animals must be marked with warnings. Electrical panels must be equipped with smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. Laser equipment, laser pointers, and laser levels require import licenses (which most likely are not available for private customers).

Among the prohibited items are weapons / combat, gambling games, counterfeit bills, drugs, tools to consume drugs, tear gas in the form of a gun, etc.

A customs broker handling the release must stop these shipments if they are purchased on websites abroad, and they must comply with the conditions stipulated by customs. Furthermore, the customs broker must store the shipments in a "customs warehouse", so many consumers are also responsible for storage costs.


Please keep in mind that this is general information only, since the law is determined by the customs services and the various government agencies. It is highly recommended to additionally check the government's and customs agencies' websites.