Woman’s Empowerment project at Gaash Worldwide

Gaash Worldwide is a leader in the logistics and supply chain industry in Israel, and it is committed to empowering women through its Woman Empowerment Project. This project was founded by the CEO of Gaash, Yael Sigman, who believes that female leadership in the logistics industry has been traditionally underrepresented.

This Woman Empowerment Project focuses on developing female leaders within the company’s Human Resources department led by Merav Rosen. Through this program, Gaash provides mentorship and training opportunities to empower women to take on leadership roles within the company. The program also encourages empathy-led leadership initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion in all aspects of business operations.

All four of the company’s top positions are currently held by women: Founder, CEO, Human Resources, and Head of Customer Service.

The commitment of Gaash to empower women demonstrates how businesses can use their platforms to develop communities and the world for the better. 

“I don’t think there’s a woman in Israel that doesn’t have a story,” Yael said. The mission of Gaash Worldwide, led by female leaders Dalia Simgi (Founder) and Yael Sigman, is to promote economic opportunities for women. They achieved this by setting up a worker cooperative in 2002 that provides logistics management and customs clearance services to small to giant-sized businesses.

Simgi says she has seen firsthand how the women’s co-op has created opportunities for women who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. It is for this reason that Dalia Simgi and Yael Sigman have dedicated their lives to the creation of economic opportunities for women. As a woman, Simgi has seen firsthand how women seek their right to equality in this industry.

A study published in the Harvard Business Review found that women are ranked higher than men in all categories that define outstanding or exceptional leadership. These categories include taking initiative, managing crises and striving for results.

Despite making up 50% of the population, women hold less than 10% of senior management positions. There are some who are blocked by a glass ceiling, while others are blocked by prejudices, erroneous assumptions, or an organizational chauvinistic tradition.

At Gaash Worldwide, this phenomenon is uncommonly eradicated – the company’s founder Dalia Simji believes that equal representation is integral to its entire business model.

As Gaash Worldwide grew in size and complexity, it became clear that female management was the most appropriate and effective solution. This was due to the challenges that the company faced on a daily basis. It is precisely these days that flexibility and empathy are needed, and specifically to give hope that someone can be trusted. To make a difference, women are best positioned to step up. In other words, the company believes that female management is crucial to its success. The company’s founder, Dalia Simji, states “It’s not just business – it’s humanity.” In the same interview Simji says “I see it as my mission with Gaash Worldwide to take care of all people; men and women – we need each other.”

Having over 20 years of expertise in eCommerce logistics, import / export services, international shipping, and customs clearance; by focusing on accurate transportation, Gaash Group has become one of the leading companies in the field of supply chain in Israel. Gaash strives to provide its customers with the highest standards of customs clearance solutions. Thanks to its management based on the values of female empowerment, the group has managed to leverage itself during Corona crisis. For the past two decades, the group has pursued its vision to be a leading company in the industry and expand into new markets around the globe. Among the group’s goals is to make gender equality a norm. In the industry and in its establishments. As part of the group’s vision to become a leading company in the field of electronic logistics, management saw a need for female empowerment. In order to empower women in fields traditionally dominated by men,

Gaash Worldwide launched the first eCommerce service in Israel. From that day forward, Gaash Worldwide cleared and delivered millions of parcels throughout Israel. In addition, Gaash serves a variety of customers with various commodities. Staff are well trained and has many years’ experience in this industry.

Additional services include handling all kinds of certificates needed for parcels to be released from customs. Warehouse is located at Ben-Gurion international airport in the courier section, however in a few months the company will move to its newly constructed private facilities based in Shoham which will make the company the first and only customs brokerage bond in Israel.