GAASH  WORLDWIDE Creating Centre of Excellence in eCommerce Service Deliverability

With more than two decades of experience in eCommerce logistics, import/export services, international shipping, and cargo insurance, Gaash Worldwide seeks to lead the supply chain industry in the field of eCommerce logistics in Israel


Creating Centre of Excellence in eCommerce Service Deliverability – With more than two decades of experience in  eCommerce logistics, import/export services,  international shipping, and cargo insurance, Gaash Worldwide seeks to lead the supply chain industry in the field of eCommerce logistics in Israel.

In addition to fulfilling the highest standards, Gaash Worldwide strives to deliver the best service tailored to the demands of its customers.  Gaash Worldwide maintains a big courier warehouse in the cargo terminal at Ben-Gurion Airport, making it the largest company in Israel that provides logistical solutions in the realm of eCommerce, both importing and exporting products to and from Israel. 

Among the logistic services for eCommerce shipments offered by Gaash Worldwide are air transport to/from Israel/customs clearance, and Last Mile solution – package distribution in various methods in Israel. Distribution of goods is carried out  in the country in a variety of transportation configurations based on the needs of the customer, ranging from traditional delivery to the home via couriers – to distribution to delivery centre – pick-up points or lockers available 24/7. Gaash Worldwide provides services at various levels of SLA on demand, ranging from next-day distribution to distribution up to four days. Gaash Worldwide measures service delivery on a weekly and monthly basis as part of its commitment to keeping a short and efficient range of shipping days. Gaash Worldwide has service agreements with the world’s largest eCommerce companies, such as eBay, Asos, Aliexpress, SHEIN, and  others. Gaash Worldwide employs numerous carriers to monitor and oversee the distribution service. 

Dalia Simgi, Founder of Gaash Worldwide walks us through the unique traits of the company. 

The central theme of GAASH Worldwide is to  serve the customers’ logistics needs.

Give us a  detailed breakdown of your various services, with  a focus on the quality standards you met. Gaash Worldwide has been able to develop accessibility to ports worldwide and maintain business connections with local agents all over the world as a consequence of its dependability and operational capabilities. Gaash Worldwide provides logistics solutions for its customers’ returns  and perfectly knows how to suit every need. Our services include land transportation both domestic and international to any location and port in the globe,  shipment consolidation, transshipment, third party shipment, drop shipment, and special shipment handling. Further, right  from customized IT systems, human response for trucking issues, automated tax collection system, to online update status regarding parcels, automation Id collection centre, and handling certificates among others, our partners are offered with best-in-class services. 

What are the latest technologies that you  leverage while offering those services?

Gaash Worldwide realized the necessity to supply the essential technological solutions on time in today’s consumer market, where the world’s population is  increasingly reliant on advancing technologies. As a result, Gaash Worldwide has been integrating the latest software and technology solutions, and continues to invest in technical growth while maintaining a steady and permanent SLA and a commitment to the best service level from the moment the cargo arrives in Israel. Due to its competency and decades of experience, Gaash Worldwide has  been drawing the industry’s biggest companies; thus  giving it a distinct advantage over the competition. 

Throw some light on the R&D segment of the  company. 

Gaash Worldwide’s ability to expedite work processes through research and development tools is what distinguishes it as the premier customs services firm in Israel. Gaash Worldwide invests a lot of resources in  technological development designed to improve  operational process, monitoring and control systems.  Gaash also creates client reports on demand, thanks to the company’s unique and autonomous technologies.  Gaash Worldwide prioritizes the creation of operational  apps by optimizing processes that prevent errors from occurring in the first place. For each regulation change,  Gaash Worldwide creates a technology solution to support  it. 

Elaborate on the vision and the mission followed  by GAASH Worldwide. 

Gaash Worldwide’s vision is to be the top supply chain management firm in Israel by addressing its customers’ every logistics needs, with precision and professionalism as the company’s guiding values. 

Are you coming up with new strategies to expand  your current portfolio? 

Undoubtedly, as part of the company’s development process, we are expanding our worldwide area of activity as well as offering new services such as doing quality check on returned products and establishing a bespoke return service tailored to the demands of the customer.  Gaash Worldwide recognized the need to provide rehearsal services aimed to assist both the seller and the buyer, forming a supportive body that fosters trust between the two sides. 

Kindly share a few success stories of your organization that helps us to pull out a good story? 

There is an issue that normally develops during the peak season, causing a backlog in the supply chain among  distribution companies. As a result, Gaash Worldwide has created a special mechanism that distributes the quantities without creating a backlog, allowing for continuous delivery that fulfills the target even during peak hours.  

Gaash Worldwide has established the highest standard of service in order to handle its diverse customer base,  which ranges from the smallest eCommerce business to the industry’s major companies. Furthermore, in order to optimize the operation process and the supply chain, the company has also purchased a belt to increase capacity and satisfy SLA compliance. 

Tell us about the future roadmap of GAASH Worldwide. 

We want to continue leading the industry and expand the  company’s presence in new markets around the world.  We plan to create value addition in accordance with the needs of the consumer and continue to streamline the service and operational processes while opening branches in Ashdod, Haifa, Yahud and David Ben-Gurion airport.