Game changer – Gaash Worldwide’s new sorting machine

As well as in other countries around the world, 2021 was a record year for online sales. PayPal and SBA estimate that online sales of e-tailers in Israel have increased tens of percent, while sales in malls and shopping centers have decreased equally dramatically.

In eCommerce stores, marketing managers soon realized that handling time on packages is the deciding factor, from the time an order is received to the time it arrives at the end customer. It begins much earlier – with the efficient and accurate handling of the products as soon as they arrive at the warehouse or logistics center. The products are carefully sorted and stored so that orientation is easy.

As retailers moved into the online world, logistics faced new challenges, including delivering products within extremely short delivery windows, as well as accepting different types of products continuously. It has also become more difficult to manage inventory because of constant returns and exchanges.

In its new sorter, Gaash Worldwide offers solutions for various types of sorting, ranging from identifying the items to directing them to specific targets according to their size, volume, and scope. As a system-adjusted solution, the systems meet the needs of the organization accurately. Also, the automatic sorter makes warehouse management particularly efficient, allowing it to handle a wide variety of items and sort them according to customer requirements. Using barcode readers and cameras, the smart sorting machine can determine how to sort products based on their barcode codes, ensuring that even when the difference between two separately sorted products is minimal, the sorting is performed as fast as possible with the lowest level of errors.

When automatic sorters are used, sorting happens quickly. Therefore, even large and loaded shipments will be received quickly and automatically, regardless of their size or type.

Gaash Worldwide is one of the largest and most established companies in the world for logistics and supply chain solutions. The company operates all over the world and in Israel, and it also offers its business partners smart solutions to optimize logistics processes.

Gaash Worldwide is the first company that handled eCommerce shipments to Israel, today the company handles over 500,000 packages a month and serves online stores all over the world, from the moment the shipment lands at David Ben-Gurion Airport until the shipment arrives at the end customer. Along with being a professional provider of international logistics services, the company is at the forefront of adapting local logistics centers to the eCommerce era. The purchase of the automatic sorter led to a significant streamlining of delivery times.

Globally, consumers are relying more and more on changing technology, which is why Gaash Worldwide recognized the need to offer the right technological solutions in a timely manner. Accordingly, Gaash Worldwide relies on the most advanced solutions in the field of software systems and technology, and continues to invest in the development of the technological aspect while maintaining a stable and constant SLA, and a commitment to the shortest service time from the moment the cargo arrives in Israel until it reached  to the end customers.

The leading retail companies in the world want to operate according to a high and efficient operational standard, and there is an expectation that the spirit of excellence will also blow among its business partners; Besides meeting fast service standards, Gaash Worldwide also understands the needs of retail companies and at the same time the needs of the market, which is why it is an economy leader in logistics services.