Economic trade on the rise between turkey and israel

As a result of its geographical proximity to the country and its low production costs relative to high-quality products, Turkey has become a favorite destination for Israeli importers in recent years, especially since the outbreak of Covid 19. It also offers a broad industry with a wide range of products, as well as a free trade agreement.

Many people think that most of the products imported from Turkey are mainly eggs and vegetables, but in reality imports from Turkey are carried out on a huge scale and in a wide variety of products such as textile, furniture, jewelry, marble, electronics and more.

Why Turkey? The obvious comparison for importing products to Israel is of course from China – similarly, the existing industry in Turkey is rich and diverse; Many manufacturing plants offer customized services to the consumer such as custom product development and on-demand prototyping.

Unlike the Chinese market, which is structured for international trade relations, as well as dealing with logistics companies and customs brokers, government planning was developed to deal with international trade relations. Due to its decentralized structure, the Turkish market is less attractive to international companies than the Chinese market; however, despite this, Turkish industrialists have enormous advantages in terms of production against Chinese industrialists;

One of the main advantages of the Turkish market is that products produced in Turkish factories are of better quality; it is true that there are factories in China that can produce products at a very high level, but in the overall comparison, the Turkish factories produce better quality products.

Another advantage is, of course, the geographical proximity that helps reduce transportation costs and shipping times.

It is impossible not to refer to the fact that at the beginning of the Corona epidemic, an operative disconnection was created with the Chinese market, which caused many entrepreneurs and importers to look for other alternatives and the Turkish plants became very attractive. 

As much as the Chinese industry triumphed over Corona’s challenges, at the same time it is suffering from a crisis of confidence from its global competitors.

Despite not being prepared for the epidemic’s global impact, the Turkish industry is booming.

The import process requires understanding and familiarity with the bureaucracy, logistics, regulations and laws of the country from which the goods are imported, and of course familiarity with the customs regulations in Israel. Without the required knowledge, the import operation can become a complex, confusing and expensive process, especially for importers at the beginning of their journey. Therefore, it is important to choose a professional company for this;

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