Growth of eCommerce in Europe

In recent years, Europe’s eCommerce industry has rapidly expanded! Today the eCommerce market in Europe is valued at approximately 363 billion dollars, with an expected annual growth rate of 7.3%. The scope of the European market will be estimated at 481 billion dollars by 2023; Although Europe consists of 50 countries, the bulk of eCommerce occurs mainly in three countries: UK, Germany and France.

With the development of technology, eCommerce stores appear more accessible and efficient, at the same time, the strengthening of the middle class and the widespread use of social media encourage the demand for online purchases of diverse goods and services, which increases the expansion of the business-to-consumer (B2C) market.

The online purchase experience has also been adjusted in an exceptional way as a result of the growing demand for eCommerce ; Banks and etail stores also provide a safe and secure online platform to their customers.


Growth of eCommerce in Europe

Since the corona epidemic (COVID-19), and especially in the last decade, it has become clear that online trade is gradually becoming a mainstay of the European economy.

Business-to-consumer (B2C) eCommerce has accounted for more than 5% of GDP in many Western European countries in recent years. In other words, Internet retailing and online shopping have become very common in Europe, and both are growing year by year.


Use of eCommerce during COVID-19

The pandemic has wreaked retail industry, while at the same time the number of online retailers has increased dramatically as a result of the EU shutdown restrictions, and the economic damage of physical store closures has been partially offset by the growth of eCommerce in Europe.

The COVID 19 outbreak has had a huge impact on retail and online shopping behavior on a global scale.

Since the pandemic began, a significant number of European customers have indicated that they have purchased more digitally, especially in countries such as Spain, Belgium and Italy. Some people have started using online stores as their main way of purchasing for specific things, such as electronics and fashion, since the crisis.


New age for supply chain industry

Another major point is the growing investment in logistics and warehouses; A quality logistics process is critical for reliable visibility in the eCommerce supply chain, as well as for determining customer satisfaction, efficiency and service delivery. Today’s consumer environment is increasingly dependent on changing technology, so Gaash Worldwide recognized the need to offer technological solutions for the eCommerce logistics process.

Gaash Worldwide therefore relies on the most advanced solutions in the field of software and technological systems, and continues to invest in the development of the technological aspect while maintaining a stable and constant SLA, and a commitment to the shortest service time from the moment the cargo arrives until its distribution to the end customers in and outside of Europe.

Since Gaash Worldwide handles hundreds of thousands of packages per month for Europe, the Gaash group has learned that as a company with a lot of experience in the world of fast deliveries, the company must be the most attractive for its business partners and provide the most professional, reliable and efficient service.